cursuri promovare pentru dentisti

marketing strategy

marketing strategies for medicine, project management, implementation, monitoring and control

web development

presentation websites for medical clinics, web-based software and mobile applications

social media (SMM)

viral advertising on social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube

medical SEO / SEM

implementation of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Google

medical branding

branding / rebranding projects for medical clinic / private hospital: logo + identity elements

medical newsletter

dedicated email marketing software application for medical e-shops

photo & video content

marketing content for web and social media: photo & video, copyright, PR text

medical fitout

fitout for private medical clinic through partner Hansen Ergonomics
Dental Marketing - partener oficial Medica Marketing
Derma Marketing - partener oficial Dental Marketing
Dental Education, cursuri online stomatologie
Dental3DTour, tururi virtuale pentru medicina dentara, Dental Marketing
Dental Marketing - partener oficial Medica Marketing
Derma Marketing - partener oficial Dental Marketing
Dental Education, cursuri online stomatologie
Dental3DTour, tururi virtuale pentru medicina dentara, Dental Marketing

how it works? steps to follow?
workflow details

1. understanding needs
You reached us to fulfill advertising needs. It is crucial that we understand your actual needs.

2. set targets
A preliminary research activity and our experience, help us to define your marketing objectives list.

3. dev. marketing plan
Elaboration of a personalized, staged marketing plan; organizing stuff is more important than expertise.
4. implementation
After we sign a contract, we start to implement all the activities provided in the validated marketing plan.

5. monitoring & reports
We monitor the compliance of activities during implementation + VIDEO reporting.
6. permanent improvement
The monthly reports help us to take measures to improve and streamline the promotion activities.

why working with us?
some reasons below

  • We are passionate about ethics, deontology and cultivate honest and responsible characters.
  • Strategic marketing planning is at the heart of Digital Medical Marketing.
  • We are a dedicated medical agency. We don't do it all, we do medicALL.
  • We own some medical know-how; otherwise we would not be able to promote dentists.
  • We do not avoid responsibilities. We accept mistakes, and try to learn them out.

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medical partners

Dr Romana Cretu
what I wanted!
Very pleased with the way we worked together. It turned out exactly what I wanted in terms of a website, due to the professionalism and experience of the Dental Marketing team. I have long sought a company with more FRESH ideas in this "tired market". The website has received many appreciations and this is thanks to you. ?❤️

Dr romana Cretu PhD
dentist & owner @ Bonjour Dental

Dr Corina Marc @ Paris Dental Clinic
thank you guys!
I highly recommend DM! After an unpleasant experience with another marketing firm, we lost confidence. Dental Marketing has shown us the opposite. They are dedicated, professional and especially specialized in the dental field. Team oriented to the client's wishes and not set on repeating a non-personalized template. Thank you Dental Marketing!

Dr Corina Marc
dentist & owner @ Paris Dental

Hunor Debreceni @ Hansen Ergonomics
I recommend Dental Marketing team for developing dental medicine business. These guys begin with business analysis and understanding requirements, business environment analysis and SWOT analysis. They build marketing tools and measure results! They try to understand the business before advertising it.

Hunor Debreceni
head of Hansen League, Cluj

Dr Thomas Mendel
facts not words
A dynamic team focused on the practical side of things. I like their approaches and vision related to the field of dentistry. We work well together and I think they are good at focusing on the new concepts of digital dental marketing. Dental Marketing is moving things around. We have a joint project in which we got involved - dental point app. If we continue like this, I think we will have great results.

Thomas Mendel
dentist, PhD

Dr Nicu Cremene
top notch branding
Quality services! I used their services and I am very pleased! They helped me with the marketing strategy for my new practice. The visual identity project went very fast. I received competent proposals; all proposals were justified. On social media I worked together on consulting and their advice helped me create a community effectively.

Dr Nicu Cremene

marketing pentru medici

Always Addapted
Medical Marketing

“It is not the strongest of species that survive; nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the most adaptable to change.” -  Charles Darwin

Medical Marketing team

Alexandru Pop - dental marketing evangelist & founder Medica Marketing
medical marketing evangelist & founderAlex
Miruna Dupir - media wizard
social media wizardMiruna
Vasile Gherghel - web development wizard
web development partnerChris
Laura Muresan - media wizard
social media wizardLaura
Andreea - content writing wizard
content writing wizardAndreea
Ramona Luncasu - content writing wizard
content writing partnerRamona
Gabri Zoltan - medical photography partner
medical photo partnerGabri
dr Romana Cretu - medical consultant
medical consultant partnerRomana

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    We invented the concept of digital medical marketing by abstracting a set of digital marketing tools dedicated to the medical field. We believe in this concept. We innovate in this niche.


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    dental digital marketing ®

    We play the digital dental marketing concept for abstracting a set of digital marketing tools dedicated to the field of dental medicine. We believe in this concept. We are innovating on this niche.

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